6 Things to remember before starting a Pilates Studio with XTEND

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Are you thinking about how to start a Pilates studio? Launching your own Pilates studio is an exciting and liberating journey. Whether you’re an investor looking for a new venture, or a qualified Pilates instructor starting your own business, we will break down the top 6 things you need to know when opening an XTEND Studio.

What is Pilates at XTEND?

Pilates is a fun, full-body exercise created almost 100 years ago and has been popular ever since. It can increase your flexibility, improve muscle strength, and strengthen your mind and body’n soul, to the Max.

With XTEND, our pilates program incorporates a low-impact exercise that can be done at home alone or in a group at a studio, making it the perfect exercise for both beginners and more experienced pilates masters.

Why choose a franchise business with us?

At XTEND, we wanted to create a high-intensity Pilates workout similar to our popular Barre workouts, with the same energy that our clients have come to know and love.

From our roots as an American start-up to a global sensation with studios across Australia, we are a leader in health and fitness franchising. Our dedicated team of professionals will guide and support you throughout the franchising journey.

Clients who use XTEND can range from busy working people to fitness gurus, we welcome all schedules, ages and fitness levels. A great demographic for any studio owner to build on and grow.

How much does it cost to open a Pilates studio with Xtend?

Having a strong business plan and understanding of your budget and running costs will ensure your new business is successful and profitable. Startup costs with XTEND include:

  • Commercial leases
  • Water, electricity and gas expenses
  • Cost of new equipment
  • Insurance costs
  • Marketing and branding budget
  • Staff wages

The actual costs may vary, depending on your chosen location and the size of your new studio.

When you become an XTEND franchisee, we will guide you throughout your journey, including possible finance options. You can get in touch with our team to discuss approximate start-up costs, however, we recommend seeking professional financial advice to discuss your options further.

Choosing your studio space from one of XTEND’s many locations

Your studio space will influence the range of Pilates classes you can offer. At XTEND we offer a myriad of studio options to suit your ideal working environment.

A small studio may not be able to fit as much equipment but it can host smaller, more personal classes. A bigger space could host larger group classes but may attract higher running costs. Additionally, many commercial leases are at least a 5-year commitment and are a major cost to factor into your budget planning.

Finding the perfect location for your new studio doesn’t need to be difficult. Our dedicated Leasing team can source the right studio location for you.

Who are your competitors?

Included in our business plan, we analyse your competitors. Who are they? What are they doing well? And what makes you special? We offer uniquely competitive classes and focus on a very specific demographic. XTEND helps you to set yourself apart from your competitors, which is an important key to a successful Pilates studio franchise.

Adding this to your game plan can help make your studio soar!

Who is your demographic?

he inviting energy and minimal equipment makes Pilates accessible and appeals to a wide range of audiences. It is a fun, social exercise from beginners to an experienced pilates master, as well as a popular form of rehabilitation for injured athletes. Pilates is also a low-stress fitness routine suitable for new and expecting mothers.

Find your niche. ‘Niching down’ means focusing on your target demographic and creating the best possible experience for them. It positions you as the expert in a specific field of Pilates and creates a point of difference from your competitors. At XTEND, our programs are suited to fit in with the client, we can focus on pre and post-natal workouts as well as sports recovery and basic working out for a fitter you.

Hiring the right people

Your team is the face of your business! Engaged and motivated staff will create engaging and motivating classes. They will be the people your clients come to trust.

So, how do you find the perfect team to staff your new studio?

If you are launching a Pilates studio as an investment, you may not be a qualified instructor yourself and will need to hire a professional instructor. Whereas, if you are a qualified Pilates or fitness instructor, you may want to lead classes yourself.

Prior experience in the dance or fitness industry isn’t necessary (though it helps). All you need is a passion for helping people! The team at XTEND can help you hire and train your team for your new studio.

Creating a Pilates program

Mat classes

Mat classes are the most accessible form of Pilates. It involves your clients completing a full-body workout on a mat. Due to the minimal equipment required, classes can be offered at a lower price point. This makes them perfect for large groups, with more people paying for regular, affordable classes.

Equipment classes

Some Pilates classes may use equipment called a reformer. Reformers use springs and the client’s body weight to promote strength, flexibility and balance.

Pilates performed on reformer machines is great for people recovering from injuries and may be limited by mat Pilates. However, reformer classes do run at a higher price-point than mat classes, often creating smaller classes and a more focussed experience for both you and your clients.

Virtual classes

As the health and fitness industry begins to return to a sense of normalcy, virtual courses are here to stay! Life can get in the way of our routines and video courses provide flexible fitness solutions for your busy clients. They can also help you reach a new client base that lives outside of your immediate area.

Offering a combination of in-person and virtual classes ensures you maintain a personal connection and intimate training through in-person classes, with the added benefit of flexible virtual training. You can keep your clients motivated, offer better flexibility, and reach a potential new client base in other areas.

Types of Pilates programs

One of the many great things about Pilates is that it really is for everyone. You can create Pilates programs to accommodate everyone’s needs, regardless of their level of experience.

Prenatal (and postnatal) Pilates

The low-impact, mind and body nature of Pilates makes it a suitable fitness program for pregnant women and new mothers. Moderate exercise has been linked to healthier babies and can help your body’s recovery after childbirth.

Doctors or midwives will provide your clients with proper advice regarding exercise during pregnancy. However, your Pilates program should include stretches and exercises that can benefit pregnant bodies, such as exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor or focus on breathing and mindfulness. High impact sessions should be avoided.

Pilates for rehabilitation

Pilates has always been used for rehabilitation and was first created to treat injured soldiers. More popular than ever, Pilates is often used in physical therapy of the joints as it focusses on strengthening muscles and promotes flexibility.

This form of Pilates program will be unique to your client’s injury and rehabilitation needs, as recommended by their health professional.

Consider your target audience demographic when deciding what type of Pilates programs to offer. Are you creating classes for busy mothers? Is your Pilates style better suited to athletes in rehabilitation?

Taking the next step

If you want to create your dream Pilates studio with the support of a friendly and dedicated team of professions, owning an XTEND franchise is the perfect solution. We can support you throughout the entire process and help you navigate the benefits of franchise ownership.

Find out more about becoming an XTEND Franchisee here, or contact us today to get started.

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