6 Fitness Industry Trends Shaping Australia

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Despite facing some of the biggest COVID-related challenges over the past couple of years, the fitness industry has not only bounced back but is thriving with new fitness trends shaping how people like to train in a post-COVID world.

Australia’s fitness industry is currently worth over $2 billion annually. In fact, statistics show that 76% of people say wellness is more important now than ever, with people clearly ready to prioritise their spending on health and wellness.

But the definition of wellness is changing. Working out is now about much more than just losing weight and getting in shape, it’s about sustainable habits, holistic offerings, reducing stress, and community. Read on to find out which consumer fitness trends to consider when investing in the fitness industry, and why those embracing the new world of wellbeing are likely to reap the biggest rewards.

1. Mind-body connection

Since studios have reopened, people are looking for a more holistic approach to their workouts. Breathwork, yoga, Pilates – anything that boosts their mental wellbeing while also ticking the ‘workout’ box has become a priority.

People now have deeper motivations for their movement. The 2022 Fitness Trends Report cites that 44% of people say they exercise to feel better mentally, demonstrating that the health and wellness industry is well positioned to make a positive impact.

We’ve seen the popularity of mind-body exercise increase first-hand at XTEND, where our classes are designed to help our Xtenders tune in and unwind from their day-to-day stresses.

2. Rise of the boutique studio

A report by Mindbody showed that 71% of Australians say they prefer in-person classes to livestream workouts due to the in-built sense of community, experiencing a greater motivation to attend, and the ability to obtain more personalised feedback from the instructor. Often with a smaller, more intimate client base, boutique studios provide members with a greater sense of belonging compared to many of the larger fitness chains.

In fact, 73% of consumers say they are comfortable visiting boutique fitness studios versus just 54% who are comfortable visiting studios and health clubs. That’s why beyond XTEND’s skilled instructors and motivating music, we are a premium studio space that XTENDers love to play in.

3. Variety in fitness and wellness offerings

The most astute operators in the fitness industry will ensure their offerings reflect an expanded definition of wellness. When you shake up your offerings to include a variety of classes, exercise, weights, bodyweight, dance, nutrition, breathwork and more you also expand your ability to capture market share.

Plus, not only does this prevent your wellness offering becoming stale, it also demonstrates a commitment to whole-body wellbeing while ensuring your members stay challenged and avoid reaching fitness plateaus.

At XTEND, we offer a variety of programs that combine the science of Pilates with the dynamics and exhilaration of dance since we recognise that our clients enjoy mixing up their workout routines to achieve their desired goals.

4. Online workouts here to stay

While training in-person is now back on the cards, over 59% of people say they anticipate they will continue a hybrid approach to fitness with some classes taken from home. Virtual offerings also provide a good way to break down barriers for people wanting to try out a new class without the fear of not knowing what they’re doing, commuting or rearranging their schedule.

At XTEND, we’ve adapted to offer an online experience to our clients with our XTEND @ Home program, where we livestream over 40 classes a week.

5. Micro workouts for the time-poor

With people more time-poor than ever before, micro workouts are on the rise in popularity. Essentially these are offerings that are short, sharp and intense workouts. They are usually a mixture of body weight/minimal resistance strength exercises combined with cardio exercises, and are perfect for those short on time but who still want to reach their health goals. Think HIIT, kettlebell workouts, and XTEND offerings like XTEND Sweat, Circuit 7, and Power 30.

6. Functional fitness for whole-body wellness

Functional fitness continues to trend strongly; performing movements that help your body in everyday life and using a variety of compound movements that work multiple muscle groups. Customisable to any fitness level, more consumers realise they need workouts that translate to real life situations and help their body function better as a whole, and not focussed on one muscle group in isolation.

Be part of an emerging, on-trend franchise with XTEND

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If you’re an investor looking to diversify and grow with a fitness franchise opportunity, or you’re ready to start your own business with the support of a proven business model, we’re here to make it happen.

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